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Address: JPL 301-486, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109


Phone: 818-354-5066 Fax 818-393-5239

Citizenship: British; Permanent Resident of USA



Management of science team on a large NASA space mission, during conceptual and intermediate design phases. Broad practical experience as a developer and user of scientific hardware and software as practical end-to-end systems. Fifteen years experience in both laboratory and remote astronomical facility environments. Comfortable interacting with scientists, engineers, and management at all project levels, and trading science and engineering requirements. Managed a one-of-a-kind data analysis facility, balancing the simultaneous scheduling of continuing system development and usage. Developed and managed a high-speed data acquisition and recording system for astronomy, including design with analog RF/microwave components. Experience with range of computer operating systems, programming languages, analysis and productivity applications.


1979 PhD degree in Radio Astronomy. University of Cambridge, England. Thesis: "Distribution

and Kinematics of HI in M31". Thesis supervisor: Dr. J.E. Baldwin

1979 Master of Arts degree. Clare College, University of Cambridge, England

1976 BA with Honors (First Class), in Physics and Theoretical Physics, Clare College, Cambridge


Positions and experience:

bullet1996 - Deputy Project Scientist, Space Interferometry Mission, JPL

Manage science team; interface between Project and science community; development of science requirements; develop design tradeoffs

bullet1996 - Scientist, Interferometry Center of Excellence, (additional duty), JPL

Present lectures on interferometry at JPL and external. Serve as science coordinator for interferometry instruments

bullet1994-96 - Project Manager, Fast Digital Acquisition System, Caltech

Developed project using state-of-the art commercial high-speed tape recorder for radio astronomy: digital baseband recording for detection and detailed studies of pulsars

bullet1991-93 - Caltech High Resolution Microwave Survey (SETI) Scientist

Evaluated search techniques and radio astronomy by-products. System engineer for installation of spectrometer and control software at Caltech


1991-95 - Scheduler, Owens Valley Radio Observatory 40-m Antenna, Caltech



1984-95 - Manager of the VLBI Correlator, Member of the Professional Staff, Caltech

Managed and coordinated continuing engineering and software development the Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) Correlator systems (models Mk II and Block II) for processing of data recorded at radio telescopes - system is used for radio astronomy, geodesy, and spacecraft navigation support

bullet1979-84 - Research Fellow and Staff Scientist in Radio Astronomy, Caltech

Research on extragalactic energetic radio sources, using VLBI. Developed and tested VLBI imaging software



bulletFellow, Royal Astronomical Society, admitted 1979
bulletFull Member, American Astronomical Society, 1980
bulletFull Member, International Scientific Radio Union, Commission J (Radio Astronomy), 1985
bulletFull Member, International Astronomical Union, 1985




bulletNASA Notable Added Value Award, Interferometry Section JPL, 1999
bulletNASA Group Achievement Award, 1993: HRMS (SETI) Project
bulletClare College, University of Cambridge, England: Entrance Exhibition (1973); Scholarship (1974); Murgoci Prize for Physics (1975); Exhibition (1975)


Review Panels:

bulletNational Science Foundation proposal reviewer, 2000
bulletNASA proposal review panel scientist, 1998 and 1999
bulletNational Radio Astronomy Observatory Users Committee, 1992-95. Committee Chair, 1995
bulletNASA review panel member, 1992 and 1994: ROSAT (X-ray satellite) observing proposals
bulletProposal Referee, U.S. VLBI Network (1990-92). Scientific and technical review of observing proposals submitted quarterly by radio astronomers for use of VLBI-equipped antennas worldwide
bulletReviewer for papers submitted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal and The Astronomical Journal


Research publications:

In addition to the above responsibilities, I have maintained an active astronomical research program, with over 35 papers published in refereed scientific journals since 1978. The following major papers are representative.

bulletUnwin, S. C., and Shao, M. 2000, "Science with the Space Interferometry Mission", Proc. SPIE, in press.
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bulletUnwin, S. C. 1983, "Neutral Hydrogen in the Andromeda Nebula", MNRAS, 205, 773.
bulletDavis, R. J., Unwin, S. C., and Muxlow, T. W. B., 1991, "Large-scale Superluminal Motion in the Quasar 3C 273", Nature, 354, 374.
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